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Chairman’s Speech

Speech by the President of the board

Since its founding 17 years ago and its reform 6 years ago, Tianju has expanded its business from a sale agent for a famous spirit brand named “Kou Zijiao” to multi-latitude businesses, has transformed itself from a small company to an enterprise group which has played an important role in market, from a little known brand to the “Chinese famous brand” granted by the SAIC(The State Administration for Industry and Commerce).

Based in Xi’an, it has expanded its business scope over China, even to the world! Reviewing the past , we have undergone and overcame so many difficulties. We will push forward relentlessly, regardless of whatever difficulties lying in front of us!

We must admit that it is the support and concern from government at all levels that attributed to Tianju’s stability and development, it is the cooperation from our partners that contributed to Tianju’s sustainability and development, it is our management team’s innovation, pragmatism and solidarity that guarantees Tianju’s health and development, it is our employees’ selfless contribution and loyalty and dedication that realizes the excellent development of Tianju!


The bond we hold with them is Tianju’s pride, also is the power that propels Tianju moving forward forever!