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Tianju Introduction

Shaanxi Tianju Investment Group

Shaanxi Tianju Investment Group is an association of enterprise’s legal person, with Shaanxi Tianju Investment Group Co., Ltd. being its parent company, capital as main link, parent company and subsidiary being subject and the Group’s articles of association being common rules.

Over 17 years of development starting from advertising, Tianju has become an enterprise group with diversified industrial patterns in the fields of agency of fast-moving consumer goods, air route operation, aviation and travel service, as well as general aviation operation.It has five major sections.

The first one is “ agent for fast consuming goods”. The business is major focused on the agent for wine and beverage.

The second one is tickets-oriented business which comprises air-tickets, hotel, travel, performance tickets and train tickets, as well as operation of chartered airlines.

The third one is the general aviation section, mainly providing air medical and rescue service, air travel, pilot training for private or business.

The fourth is the auxiliary business including advertisementhorsemanship club, China Lanzhou beef noodle catering chains management.

The fifth is international business section.

In the recent 6 years, Tianju has been conducting enterprise reform, upholding the core value “Cohesion, Honor”, constructing a modern enterprise management system. Based on the operating philosophy: “Be Pragmatic, Foster People & Cultivate Minds”, we are guided by the enterprise strategy, focus on the quality, based on the service, driven by the talents, propelled by the innovation, following a sustainable path, making higher achievement in terms of scale and sales and making positive contribution to the Shanxi’s economy.

With 1100 staffs in our cooperation, we have successfully provided 3000 people with jobs, repositioning laid-off workers more than 180.It has also been designated as one internship base for college student by Xi’an municipal government. Every year, almost 100 college students come to Tianju for their internship.

Tianju has always been participating charity activities actively, sponsoring the “Tianju Love Journey” with provincial Party committee for students from impoverished families to visit Beijing; set up “Tianju scholarship” in Xi'an Eurasia University; cooperated with the provincial Red Cross, sponsored the activity named “Tianju universal love tour”; participated in donation activity organized by Shaanxi People’s Broadcasting Station and Shaanxi Fule Hope Project.It also donated money and clothes to schools of deaf-mutes, Xin Ken primary school in Hu Xian county and impoverished areas in the south of Shaanxi province. At the time when earthquake struck Wen Chuan area and Yu Shu area, the group organized people to make donations. When staffs of Tianju got sick, the group took care of these people .Tianju has a fund named “Tianju Love”, with a view to helping staffs from impoverished families.

Because of its enduring social responsibility and faith-honoring sound social image and long-standing good reputation, Tianju has earned the titles named “the most influential distributor in China’s spirit and beverage area”、“China’s commercial standing enterprise”It has also been granted the titles:the most advance party organization at base level”, “the most advanced party organization among non-public ownership enterprises”、“the most advanced collective of labor model in Xi’an”、“the most harmony relationships between employers and employees in Xi’an municipal city”、“the most advanced group of labor models in Shaanxi province”.

It was also acknowledged by Xi’an municipal total labor union, Shaanxi provincial labor union, the national association of industry and commerce, the national labor union as “the home for excellent employees”,“the pioneer of worker in serving the World Horticultural Exposition”,and “the advanced enterprise from the double love and double evaluation activity”.

As “the Xi’an municipal famous brand” and “the Shaanxi provincial famous brand”, Tianju has been acknowledged by the SAIC(The State Administration for Industry and Commerce) as the China’s famous brand.

Tianju has been dedicated in developing into an industrial leader, a respectable enterprise, an ever-lasting enterprise, continually making much value for its employeesclientsshareholders and the society.