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Service Philosophy

Service Has the Power to Change Peoples Minds

                                                                                         Yang Qiang

For a country, only when its service industry takes up more than 50% in its GDP, most countries around the globe, especially those developed countries, will recognize it as a society with completely market-oriented economy. However, such proportion in China is merely less than 30%! The service industry is so important that whether it is prosperous or not has influenced the status and reputation of a country. Service, to some extent, has become a significant sign for measurement of a country’s development degree. Just as the WTO course of China, during it, the complete openness of service industry was scheduled at the last, showing that the openness of service market is usually later than the openness of commodity market. High-quality service that people provide in developed countries is regarded as a kind of pleasure and honor, whereas service is considered as a kind of servitude or a kind of inferior humble work in China. But people in China hardly know that “service has the power to change people’s minds”! Service is an initiative and voluntary conscience and self-awareness. As a member in the service industry, we should take service as a kind of product and produce qualified product after improving its inherence and quality with our efforts so as to provide our product (service) for society and consumers, and personnel at the second line constitute the after-sale team for our product (service). Only following this circulation can we always remain invincible.

This year, Tianju puts forward the operating philosophy of “Customer Supreme and Service First” and carries out a series of in-depth thought discussion and policy implementation in compliance with it. Such cognition shows that we understand only “service” is the real foundation that Tianju relies upon for survival and development.