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  • badmitten competition in the
    Description: On the 30th July, 2011, the establishment ceremony of the Hangyou badmitten club was held in Daohang badmitten club in Gaoxin district, together with an opening match....More>>
  • The basketball match in the c
    Description: On the 21st April, 2012, the opening ceremony of the fifth Tianju cultural festival started in Yaqi basketball club, together with a basketball match....More>>
  • The entertaining sports meet
    Description: On the 19th, May, 2012, “the entertaining sports meet”, as part of the fifth cultural festival of Tianju, started in exhilarated atmosphere in Xi'an Institute of Physical Education with more than 300 staffs attending this even...More>>
  • climbing mountain competition
    Description: In the June, 2012, the “climbing competition” , the part of the fifth Tianju cultural festival, started amid growing expectations of staffs. In the month ,the magnificent spectacle of Wangshun More>>
  • Billards match
    Description: In the August , 2012, Tianju cooperation held the competition on billards , which served as a part of the fifth Tianju cultural festival, with participants amounting to more than 50....More>>