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Enterprise Culture

I. Core Culture

1. Company Admonition: “Loyal, Dedicated, Intelligent”, “Innovative, Respectful, Tolerant”
2. Operating Philosophy: “Be Pragmatic, Foster People & Cultivate Minds”, “Customer Supreme and Service First”
3. Company Mission: Tianju will devote itself to developing into an industry-leading enterprise, a respected enterprise and an evergreen enterprise.
4. Vision & Goal: Building up Tianju with a century’s history and creating more value for employees, customers, shareholders and society.
5. Core Value: “Cohesion, Honor”
6. Meeting Slogan: “For Tianju, For Honor”
7. “Four Dogmas” of Tianju: “No part-time work outside company, no rebate, no accounting fraud, and no lie” For anyone violating these four dogmas, his/her labor contract will be terminated unconditionally!
8. Tianju Spirits: sincere and loyal enterprise-loving spirit; customer-supreme service spirit; never-say-die fighting spirit; never-ending learning spirit; employee-caring humanity spirit; courageous innovative spirit.
9. “Five Major” Behavior Standards of Tianju:
1) Keep in mind and scrupulously abide by the four dogmas of “no part-time work outside company, no rebate, no accounting fraud, and no lie”; to be a righteous Tianju member.
2) Maintain a work attitude of “no excuse” and impeccable executive force, and build up the sustainable executive force culture of Tianju, which is an important content of Tianju’s core competitiveness.
3) Don’t say what is adverse to the company, and don’t do what goes against the company.
4) Work in strict compliance with regulations and systems, and no exception and repetition of fault are allowed.
5) Strictly keep the trade secrets of company confidential, and carefully perform the responsibilities and duties for Tianju people.
10. New “Three-more & Three-less” Thought
More understanding, more initiative, and more cooperation;
Less complaint, less delay, and less passivity.
11. Motto of Tianju People: The so-called impossibility is waiting for you to realize.
12. Five “inequalities in management” of Tianju: target is unequal to plan; action is unequal to progress; mistake is unequal to fault; selling is unequal to benefit; arrangement is unequal to completion.
13. Building “harmonious Tianju” and carrying out the philosophy of “win-win value”. The “win-win value” covers two aspects: firstly, advocating harmonious corporation and win-win principle with cooperative partners and competitors of upstream and downstream businesses in operation, and increasing our market share by exploiting our innovative operating pattern and more advanced and high-quality service; secondly, stressing on that the front-line employees are the key persons at critical moments, and requiring all the senior leaders to take creating a harmonious working environment as their mission, sincerely care about, rely on and cultivate employees, respect the subject status and initiative of employees, respect and safeguard the legal rights and interests of employees, and stimulate their participating passion and creating vigor to the largest extent.

II. Style and System Culture of Tianju People

1. Insisting on the work style of “no excuse”.
2. Looking for the causes internally and doing more self-criticism for everything.

3. Being brave in taking responsibilities and rejecting buck-passing.
4. Advocating the four sentences of the West Point(the United States Military Academy): “Yes, sir”; “No, sir”; “No excuse, sir”; and “I don’t know, sir”.
5. Everyone is equal before system.
6. Adhering to the principle of being practical and realistic and strictly abiding by existing regulations and systems.
7. Continuously completing existing systems.
8. Persisting in innovative operation, but not pursuing fashion and overstepping reality.
9. “Only seek the ways for success, not to find reasons for failure.”; “Methods are always more than difficulties.”

III. Human-based Management

1. Birthdays of employees
1) The website of Tianju lists the birthdays of employees every month to send birthday blessings to employees.
2) The employees will receive birthday gifts customized by the company for them and birthday cards signed by Chairman Yang personally on their birthdays.
3) The employees will receive blessings from the broadcasting room of Tianju and leaders at various levels, as well as colleagues, on their birthdays.

2. Forum between the leaders from group headquarters and the employees at basic level

There is a face-to-face communication between the leaders from group headquarters and the employees at basic level each month. At the forum, everyone can speak out freely and make full communication with leaders from the headquarters with respect to matters they concern with.
3. Communication channels between employees and the president

1) Meeting between the president and employees.
2) Delivering letters to the suggestion box on the first floor.
3) Sending e-mail; e-mail address of Chairman Yang: tjyq@tianju.com.cn.
4) Sending a letter to Chairman Yang directly through the assistant of board chairman.

4. Establishing “Voice of Tianju” Broadcasting Station to broadcast the news of Tianju and other positive contents, in order to activate the lives of employees.
5. The labor union of group has regular communications and exchanges with the company on behalf of employees.IV. Company Periodical

Journal ‘Tianju’, mainly oriented to all the employees and customers.

V. Cultural Life

1. Organizing excellent employees to have a domestic or overseas trip every year.
2. Holding various evening parties and activities on the birthday of Tianju or main festivals.
3. Holding “Tianju Cultural Festival” every year, including diversified and colorful activities such as art performance, sports, speech, military training, outward development, occupational skill competition, etc.
4. Conducting occupational trainings of different modes for cadres at various levels and employees from March to August each year, with contents covering such aspects as macro-economy, enterprise operation, management, strategy, culture and professional quality.