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Honorable Tianju

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 Honorable Tianju

On the afternoon,27th,April,2012,at the door of Xi’an municipal government, colorful flags were flying,gongs and drums were beating,

The 7 advanced groups and 72 worker models, who were about to attend the Provincial labor model assembly, were all togther to celebrate the International Labor Day and to attend the send off aseembly for the provincial labor models and advance groups in 2012. The senior government officials from Xi’an party committee,the municipal government and the municipal federation of trade unions saw the models off.

On the morning, 28th , the awarding ceremony for labor models and for International Labor Day was held by the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government. The host was Li Jinzhu, the deputy provincial governor. Zhao Leji,the Secretary of a Provincial Party Committee, and Zhao Zhengyong, the provincial governor attended this assembly and made a speech. Wang Linlin, the executive president of Tianju cooperation, and Sun Guangtao, the deputy president of labor union of Tianju cooperation attended this assembly.

More than 1000 people ,who were advanced figures and representatives of advanced groups, shared the joy brought by the honor. At this assembly, Tianju greeted with two happy events. Shaanxi Tianju Investment Cooperation was granted the honorary title named "Shaanxi Labor Model and Advanced Group", and M1 Ming Jiufang was granted the honorary titlenamed"the national worker pioneer".

In the 16 years since the foundation of Tianju, it has always been promoting uprightness in society,cultivating the spirit of labor model known as "loving the job and working diligently, striving for the best and being courageous enough to be innovative and willing to sacrifice".

 When the cooperation is developing steadly, it also actively builds harmounmious relations between employers and employees. It was due to the recognition of government for Tianju and private enterprises that Tianju abtained the above mentioned honors.

Tianju were congratulated by senior officials at provincial and municipal levels. Wang Linlin,the executive president,talked to provincial and municipal officials, saying we would not stop at honors , but target on higher standards,Tianju will accelerate innovation and play its role to turn Xi’an into an internationalized megacity,making great contributions to build the western strong province and realize the rapid, healthy Shaanxi social and economic development.



The scene of the meeting

 loving the job and working diligently, striving for the best

Taking photographs with officials of municipal party committee and municipal government

Wang Linlin,the executive president,was talking to Li Jinzhu, the deputy provincial governor

Wang Linlin,the executive president,took photographs with Huang Wei,the President of Shaanxi labor union

Shi Nanzheng, the deputy chief of municipal NPC and also the President of municipal labor union, expressed congratulations to Tianju

The executive President Wang Linlin took photographs with Xie Ying, Fei Jianchao, the deputy presidents of labor union of Xi’an

Shaanxi Tianju Investment Cooperation was granted the honorary title named "Shaanxi Labor Model and Advanced Group"

This is an honor but also a responsibility

M1 Ming Jiufang was granted the honorary title named"the national worker pioneer"