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Let’s move forward in the spring

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Let’s move forward in the spring

                                                                                                              The President of Tianju  Cuijian

At this moment,the clock is ticking,with so many wishful hearts beating with the clock.

At this moment,the world is revolving,with so many loving sights greeting the sunshine of the first day in the Newyear.

When we are running on the track decorated by the snow,when we are singing exceedingly fascinating and charming songs,when we are embracing the world warmly,we know: the New Year is coming!

At this occasion of greeting the New Year,I,on behalf of the headquarters of the Shaanxi Tianju Investment Coorperation,give my new year blessings and sincere thanks to all collegues and our families,to the partners who have been joining with us,to the government at all levels which have always been supporting and caring us,to friends of all social stratas. 

In the past year,we have undergone the shrinking of the comsumer market brought by the sliding macro economy,withstood different challenges triggered by so many policy changes.Tianju,our cooperation,is still moving forward in this market amidst winds of change.

This is another harvesting thought,this is another dream chasing experience.

In this year, we have launched the B2C website and telemarketing relating to 029-87999999;we have opend the chain beef noodle restaraunt under a famous Lanzhou brand,we have set up a system in which "one stuff plays a teacher while another plays a student"; we also have set up a system that encourages all young people to stand out from the crowd.From the Fifth "Tianju Cultural Festival"which demonstrated"the cohesion of Tianju", to the climbing mountain contest that showed "the spirit of Tianju"; from the disscusion of management layer on "how to surive better in a promising future", to the repositioning of the mission and target of Tianju;from the signing the frame agreement on"the general aviation project of Tianju in innovation campus of Lou Guantai in QujiangXi’an", to the registration of the YangKwang International,LLC, in Washington state,America;from the "National worker pioneer"given to "Ming Jiufang"by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions to the "Shaanxi Province Model Worker and Advanced Group"given to the cooperation by the Shaanxi provincial government;from the "Tianju"as a locally famous brand to "Tianju" being labeled as the "China famous brand"we are always pushing Tianju forward, updating its ideology in every aspect. We are showing to the world the brand new profile of Tianju with tenacity and passion!

The New year is coming, as an old saying goes:a fall of seasonal snow promises of a fruitful year,and red wintersweet shows the hint of the spring. Another spring is coming to us gradually, asking us to set out for the new destination!

Move forward in the spring ,which means we must unsvervingly push forward the reform of the cooperation with emancipated thought. Despite a series of challenges and difficulties,we must deal with them with much strong determination,more effective measures and more thoughtfull preparations.In terms of operating,we must give full play to the basic role of all kinds of resources and come up with more innovative operating strategies.In terms of management, we must focus on impoving the sense of belongings and mission of staffs.We must accelerate the informatization and invigorate the vitality, using all kinds of postive factors to overcome all difficulties and risks with faith in the course of development.

Move forward in the spring , which means we must embrace the "Chinese dream"and"Tianju dream".Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Party, set the target of constructing a better off society by the 2020,which holds so much resposibility and significance and shows a promising future of China, which ignites desires of every Tianju person for a more powerful China , a more powerful Tianju and a more powerful self. It acts like a magnetic field that affects every Tianju person, enabling fighters to see hope , empowering trekkers to continue their journey!

Move forward in the spring,we must embody the concept"the country thrives on practical work,the enterprise thrives on practical work"in our specific doings. The experience in the 30 years since the reform and opening up and the experience in the 6 years since the refrom of Tianju show us that the development is an incontestable truth.

Move forward in the spring,we are seeding our hope along the road.

Move forward in the spring,we will definitely embrace huge harvest.

I wish friends and collegues a happy new year!