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Qinghai Tianju Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd

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Qinghai Tianju Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd

Qinghai Tianju Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd plays a key role in the industry chain and marketing network construction of Tianju Group's commerce and trade industry in the northwest area.

Founded in 2003, the company was located in Xining , the capital city of Qinghai province. Operating elaborately on marketing network, the company has directly controlled more than 300 hotels, over 40 big shopping malls and supermarkets, nearly 30 sub-dealers in urban areas, over 800 trade retail outlets, and almost 50 Class C and D caterings and about 30 downsizing county level dealers within Qinghai province. Our company has a stock area of more than 1,800 square meters. We have already established and perfected a forceful marketing network centered in Xi'ning city.