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Shaanxi Tianju Industrial Co.ltd

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Shaanxi Tianju Industrial Co.ltd

Shaanxi Tianju Industrial Co., Ltd is a large-scale trading company integrating international and domestic famous liquor agency, logistics distribution, chain-store operations and foreign trade. It business covers the sale of winegrape winebeerShaoxing winebeveragetobacco and tea, totaling more than 1,400 kinds of goods.

"Strong regional brand operator and modern logistics service provider" is the strategy position. Its operation manner is to take brand agent and construct sale channel. The both of them are reinforcing. The company cooperates with other famous brands, getting authorized sale right, at the same time it operates and maintains the channel, continually innovating the business mode. Because of brands, the stability of the channel is guaranteed , because of its channels, the brands are also consolidated.

Our strategic cooperative partners include famous companies both at home and abroad, such as Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd; Anhui Kouzi Liquor Industry Co., Ltd; Wu Liang Ye Group Co.; Ltd, Maxxium (-Shanghai) Co., Ltd; Budweiser Sales Co., Ltd. China; Shihezi University Shennei Biological Products Co., Ltd; Gansu Mogao Industrial Co., Ltd and Chengdu Jima Trade Co., Ltd, etc.

In recent years, famous brands agented by the company are

as bellows:

Sichuan Lu Zhou Lao Jiao company limited: Guo Jiao 1573, Bai Nian Lu Zhou Lao Jiao.

Shanxi Xing Huacun Fenjiu co.ltd: the series of Fenjiu

Anhui Kouzi marketing co.ltd: the series of Kouzi jiao

Guizhou Moutai incorporated company: the series of Moutai

Sichuan Yibin WU Liangye incorporated company: the series of Wu Liangye

Sichuan Mianzhu Jian Nanchun co.ltd: the series of Jian Nanchun

Huazhi Jiuxing  chain management co.,ltd: the series of Wu Liangye, the series of Gu Yue Long Shan.

Shaanxi Xifeng group incorporated company: the series of Xifeng

Sichuan Jima wine co.,ltd: the series of Huaxia Changcheng red wine

Gansu Mogao industrial development incorporated company: the series of Mogao red wine

Budweiser(China)marketing co.,ltd:  the series of Budweiser beer.

Shanghai Ai Leimi Remy Martin trade co.,ltd: the series of Remy Martin.

Kuai Jishan Shaoxing wine incorporated company: the series of Kuai Jishan

Kun Lunshan mineral water co.ltd: the series of Kun Lunshan water.

Guang Zhou Wang Laoji medicine incorporated company: the series of Wang Laoji

San Menxia Xin Hubin enterprise marketing and planning co.,ltd: the series of Hu Bin juice.

He Nan Shi Jin biology engineering co.,ltd: Shi Jin vinegar of fruit

Xi’an Yin Qiao biology scientific co.ltd: Yin Qiao yougurt.

Xi’an Zhong Cui Coca Cola co.ltd: the series of Coca Cola

In many years, by the way of developing sale channel and introducing famous brands, the company has strengthened the management of channel and operation of brand. By improving the internal management and distribution mode, the company has built the core sale channel as bellows:

The general channel( regional distributor class 1 and regional distributor class 2)

The special channel (resteraunts and hotels, night clubs and ktv)

The sale counter run with the shopping mall (Kai YuanBai ShengMin ShengJin Ying internationalShi Ji Jin HuaYi Bai in Baoji)

Supermarkets:( WalmartlotusHua Run Wan JiaRen Ren Le)

Self constructed sale terminal ----- Tianju Ming Jiu Fang.

In Xi'an, the company now has directly controlled sales in more than 200 hotels, almost 300 Class C and D restaurants, over 100 big shopping malls, over 300 distributors, more than 1,000 trade retail outlets, over 50 large nightclubs and more than 100 county-level dealers. Nearly 50 self-established or jointly-operated specialty stores of brand white wine and tobacco were established. Nowadays, it has 35 self-constructed sale terminals named “Ming Jiu Fang”,And the company has stock area of 5,000 square meters and almost 100 delivery vehicles, thereby forming a modern logistics distribution system with Xi'an as the core.

Based on accumulation throughout so many years and improving management system and high quality service, the company has owned substantial and sound client resources. It has earned good business reputation through “doing business in good faith”.