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Shaanxi Tianju Aviation Travel Service Co., Ltd

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Shaanxi Tianju Aviation Travel Service Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Tianju Aviation Travel Service Co., Ltd is a company with its business covering operation of chartered airlines, sale of air tickets and train tickets as well as agent for hotels ,travel and other concert tickets. It has the complete marketing network in the Shaanxi province, serving as a proxy for airline companies . It is cooperating with some famous websites to maintain its business on the top of this field in the Shaanxi province.

Based on the operation principle “win-win values” and operation idea The client is beyond everything and the service is our edge” ,the company has owned the well-trained management teams and abundant client resources, more powerful marketing network and high efficient service system. We can provide 24 hours non-rest service for our clients. In order to improve our core competition and serve people better, since its founding, the company has continuously reformed and regulated the operation pattern, provided so many differentiated customized service .The service does not only include ticket order, but also include travel counseling, car-renting and booking meals, business meeting arrangement etc. By all these measures, enterprises and companies which chose our service will have saved huge business travel cost, at the same time the staffs on the business tour can also relax and avoid trapped in so many daily routines.

In 2010, the company has expanded the business scope, developing the sale of comprehensive tickets. It cooperated with so many performing institutions, selling movie tickets, concert tickets and vocal concert tickets. In 2011, the company has opened the operation of chartered airlines, and continually developing new airlines. In 2013,it has agented for train tickets. The emergence of new growth points are contributing to the sustained and healthy development.

In terms of travel service, everyday, the company also has some chartered seats which are tailored to a few of customers who are aspired to the popular cities such as Gui LinKun MingSan YaHai KouHarbinBei Hai etc. Along the journey, the company has been pursuing the innovative and distinct service, at the same time, it has also provided services for individual free travel and business visit. According to the demands and requests from different enterpises and companies, the specific business travel plan can been ordered. By doing so, much costs are saved and our clients are saved from the exhausting agenda of business travel.

The Company’s characterized service

Offering 24 hours professional counseling service

Offering the optimized airlines for free and delivering tickets for free

Offering chartered airline service owned by ourselves

Offering awakeningairport shuttlehotel reservation service.

Once ordering ticket, you will be classified as VIP and your information will be reserved in our date base.

Order hotline: 029-88888888

Headquarters: Incubator NO.1, scientific park of Communication university, Yan Xiang road #99, Xi’an

Website: www.TJ88888888.com